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The sparkling dazzle of a roman candle, the white-hot brilliance of summer lightning, the slow smolder of a winter fire, or the breath-taking inferno of wildfire - whatever sort of heat you are building between your hero and heroine, it all begins with the spark of their first meet. The Ignite the Flame Contest is designed to help you polish that critical scene so that it crackles with romantic energy!

Authors get your pens out and enter the Central Ohio Fiction Writers' Ignite the Flame Contest today. This is a perfect way to get your writing seen by agents and editors! Entries should be 15 pages MAX, with an optional one-page, un-judged, set-up (no synopsis). Entries should be the first meet or first reunion meeting of your hero and heroine.

Here's what 2011 contestants say about the COFW Ignite the Flame Contest:

"It was quite valuable information and I'm anxious to incorporate it into my writing. I was so nervous to have another person read what I have written - no one ever has before. Thank you so much for the opportunity!" - Melissa Paull "I appreciate the feedback you gave me and even now I am busy revising my manuscript. I have two requests for the full manuscript, so I want to get it perfect! Thank you so much." - Lexi Post

"I was very impressed with the professional (and supportive) manner in which you ran the show. I will definitely be recommending Ignite the Flame to other Aussies who are contemplating sending off to RWA competitions." - Lynn Ward

Final Judges:

cofw itf   Laura Bradford: Romantic Suspense (Agent at Bradford Literary Agency)
cofw itf   Deb Werksman: Historical Romance (Editor at Sourcebooks)
cofw itf   Rhonda Penders: Category-Length Contemporary (Editor at Wild Rose Press)
cofw itf   Andrea Somberg: Young Adult (Agent at Harvey Klinger, Inc.)
cofw itf   Katherine Pelz: Single Title (Editor at Berkley Publishing Group)
cofw itf   Alicia Rasley: Erotic Romance (Editor at Red Sage)
cofw itf   Lindsey Faber: Paranormal Romance (Editor at Samhain Publishing)

Contest Entry Form and Contestant's Agreement can be downloaded in RTF
Template with set-up page (RTF)
Template without set-up page (RTF)
ITF PR Notice (RTF)
Score Sheet (RTF)

Entry Fee: $25 COFW members, $30 non-COFW members. Make check or money order payable to "Central Ohio Fiction Writers." If a check is returned for insufficient funds and a valid replacement is not received by May 20, the entry will be disqualified. All funds are is U.S. dollar.

The winner of our commercial non-fiction writing competition is "dissability and lifestyle" such as crutches, walkers, mobility chairs. Selected from applicants that have entered this category.

Qualifications: Contest open to all writers of romance fiction who are unpublished in book-length fictions. COFW recognizes e-books and print-on-demand books as publications.

Electronic Submissions are encouraged!

  • Email your entry and entry form as two attachments in RTF format, to
  • Your entry should be the scene of your hero or heroine's first meeting or reunion (up to 15 pages.) You may also submit an optional, un-judged, one-page set-up providing necessary background for the first-meeting, as the first page within your attached submission.
  • Your heading should include the name of the category and title. Your entry should not have your name anywhere on the document. This includes removing your name from the "User Information" area that is found in the "Options" under the "Tools" dropdown menu of Microsoft Word, or any similar programs features.

Print Submissions:

  • Submit three copies of the scene of your hero or heroine's first meeting or reunion (up to 15 pages.) You may also submit an optional, un-judged, one-page set-up providing necessary background for the first-meeting.
  • Write the name of the category you are entering in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope, and send to Rebecca McEvoy, 7294 Arborlee Dr., Reynoldsburg OH 43068.
  • U.S. residents must include a self-addressed, stamped priority main envelope with the proper postage for return of your manuscripts and score sheets. The envelopes are available free of charge at your local post office. Return envelops must be stamped, not metered, and must include sufficient postage for return of all manuscript pages submitted.
  • Canadian residents should add five (5) U.S. dollars to their entry fee to cover return postage for their entry; other international residents should add ten (10) U.S. dollars to their entry fee to cover return postage for their entry.


  • Entrants may submit more than one entry in a category, but a separate entry fee (and return envelope, if submitting in print form) must accompany each entry.
  • If fewer than seven entries are received in the entry's category, it will be reassigned to an alternate category (see entry form).
  • If an entry is disqualified for any reason (clearly not romance fiction, improper format, etc.), the entry and entry fee will be returned to the contestant.
  • Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around and unjustified right margins. The optional set-up page may be single-spaced.
  • Use readable font (12-point Times New Roman recommended). As long as the font is clear and readable, there is no deduction for failure to use a specific font.
  • Every page, including the set-up, should have the title of the manuscript and the category in the upper left-hand corner and the page number in the upper right-hand corner. Start the first page of the entry (not the set-up page) with page number one, even if this excerpt is not the beginning of your manuscript.
  • (Print only) Each copy of the entry - excerpt and optional set-up - should be bound with a binder clip or paper clip.
  • The author's name must not appear anywhere on the entry.

Deadline: Print entries must be postmarked by May 20, 2012. Online entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST on May 20, 2012. Every effort will be made to notify winners on or around July 5, 2012. Submissions can be sent after March 5, 2012.

Judging: Each entry will be evaluated by two judges, at least one being a published author. All unpublished judges have RWA PRO status. Entries submitted by COFW members will be judged by non-COFW members.

Total scores will be averaged to determine winners. If a 20point variance occurs and one of the scores is 80 or higher, a third judge will score the entry and two closest scores will be averaged to determine the final score.

Winners: The first place winner in each category receives $30. The top three manuscripts in each category, with a minimum average score of 80, will be reviewed by an agent or editor in the romance publishing industry.

Central Ohio Fiction Writers thanks you for entrusting us with the fruits of your labor. We hope the Ignite the Flame Contest is a rewarding experience for you. Best of luck and happy writing.

For more information contact:
Rebecca McEvoy
7294 Arborlee Dr.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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